Msc Theses


Application of satellite technologies for agricultural monitoring: crop assessment in Russia 
Khazieva, Elizaveta

Legal aspects of transboundary biodiversity conservation and creation of the "Ural River Sturgeon Park
Issakhojayev, Rustam

Changes in the hydrological regime of the Ural River and challenges for transboundary cooperation
Khon, Olga

Selection of logistics centres location : case of Russia
Kiparisov, Pavel


An urban forest for all : using GIS technology to analyze the equity of the urban forest in Seattle, USA
Kecskes, Mariska Theresa

Economic, environmental and social impacts of the Kashagan oilfield development
Abeldinova, Danagul


Investigating potential agricultural-related causes of eutrophication in the Tsimlyansk Reservoir througg GIS and Remote Sensing
Nilson, Emily Laurel

Assessing flood risk for urban areas in the Lower Don River using GIS and Remote Sensing
Kvasha, Anastasia

The role of global university partnership for environment and sustainability in greening universities
Tikhonova, Anastasia

Integrated modeling in support of transboundary water cooperation in Central Asia / Aziza Baubekova
Baubekova, Aziza


The implications of climate change on public health : Water resources in the Ural River Basin 
Peralta, Adjani Antonela


Application of SWAT modelling for assessment of ecosystem goods and services in the Azov Sea basin
Gilfanova, Irina


Application of GIS and remote sensing methods in monitoring of urbanization of national parks in Serbia and Montenegro
Batancev, Jovan


Habitat model for the restoration of Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Bulgaria 
Kmetova, Elena

The Aydar-Arnasay lakes system : formation, functions and future water management scenarios
Rodina, Kristina