Head of Systems Laboratory

Viktor Lagutov is the Head of the Environmental Systems Laboratory at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). His research interests are focused on environmental modeling and spatial analysis with special emphasis given to aquatic ecosystems and watershed approach to environmental security.


Elizaveta joined Central European University in 2015 as part of the ESP Program. Her research interests are focused on remote sensing and GIS technologies application for wide range of environmental issues such as land cover changes and agricultural monitoring. She has worked at Hexagon Geospatial, a leading global provider of information technologies and she was engaged with different projects related to enterprise GIS platforms development and remote sensing data analysis.

Pavel finished a Master's Program at CEU Economics Department in 2016, and after working for four years at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations he came back to CEU as a PhD student at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. He is interested in complex system resilience to crises and disasters, geospatial analysis and system modeling.

Project manager

Anastasia joined CEU in 2013 as a part of the ESP Program. Later, in 2015, she continued her studies as a PhD student at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy. Her research interests are mainly focused on disaster risk reduction and environmental modelling in urban areas using remote sensing, GIS, latest ICT. The aim of her current research is to identify existing challenges and issues in adoption, adaptation, and application of ICTs for community flood resilience and develop recommendations to tackle these challenges.


Ruben is the Director of UNEP GEO Collaborating Center. His research interests include state of the environment and pollution problems in the countries of the region; environmental policy; global environmental issues, sources of environmental information.

Environmental Consultant

Arnold is a CEU alumni, having graduated from the department of Environmental Sciences and  Policy in 2001. In 2006, he obtained a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Sheffield, UK. He has 10+ years’ experience working in/with international organizations, academia, and technology companies, on a wide range of topics including environmental impact assessment, environmental policy and regulations, biodiversity conservation, marine science and water management.


Natalia has many years working experience in international environmental NGO's such as WWF and TRAFFIC (wildlife trade monitoring network, a joint alliance of WWF and IUCN) in Russia and Asia. She also worked as a senior Customs officer in the Russian Federal Customs in Vladivostok where she was in charge of inter-customs communication with the customs departments of other countries in Asia Pacific.

Research assistant

Slobodan has joined CEU in 2017 as a part of the MESP Program. His research interests are focused on water quality issues and epidemiological studies using GIS. The aim of his current research is to identify the potential spatial epidemiological patterns of distribution of the waterborne diseases in Myanmar with consideration of possible risk factors.