A series of Open Lectures on Disaster Management

January 30, 2017

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy and the Syslab's ISEPEI Project organize a series of open lectures on Disaster Management and Risk Reduction.

The lectures are to be conducted by practitioners from relevant organizations worldwide: UN agencies, national ministries, international NGOs, etc.

The following talks are scheduled in February:

Feb 3rd 15:30, N13.118 - Stanislav Kim (UN Development Program)
"If it is not risk informed it is not sustainable"

Feb 10th 15:30, N13.416 - Lorant Czaran (UN Office for Outer Space Affairs)
"Making use of space based data for disaster management and risk reduction"

Feb 17th 15:30, N13.118 - Douglas Cripe (Group on Earth Observations)
"Earth Observations to Inform Decision-making for the Benefit Society"

March 3rd 15:30, N13.118 - Kinga Perge (MAGOR NGO Association for Disaster Response)
"Drone support in disaster response"

More speakers are planning to join the series. Register your interest below to receive the updates.