First fully online course on Geospatial Data Visualization completed

January 25, 2021

This academic year the first fully online course on Introduction to Geospatial Data Visualization (IGDV) took place. 

Due to the expected COVID-19 regulations concerning face-to-face teaching as well as related travel restrictions for students, the course was initially planned to be conducted fully online. Knowing the diversity of CEU’s student body joining from different time zones, the course was designed to include mostly asynchronous pre-recorded sessions, combined with a few live seminars and individual consultations. Structurally, the course was divided into two parts – IGDV-I (introductory level) and IGDV-II (advanced), following one after another. 

The IGDV course (both I and II) was part of the series of University-wide Courses (UWC) at CEU, which aims to bring together faculty and students from various academic programs to explore a topic of common interest. The OSUN and CIVICA students were also invited to join the course.  

Overall, 31 students registered for the IGDV-I, among which, 15 continued to the more advanced course. Students represented CEU’s departments of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Economics and Business, Medieval Studies, International Relations, Political Science, as well as the American University of Central Asia, one of the OSUN’s members. 

The IGDV-II course finished with the presentations of students’ individual research projects on visualization of geospatial data, which illustrated the diversity of tools, datasets, and techniques learned by participants. Due to the online nature of the course, it was decided not to organize a traditional open conference where the developed projects could be presented and discussed. Instead, to encourage peer-to-peer learning and assessment in such online settings, all pre-recorded presentations were shared among class participants.  

CEU Syslab would like to congratulate all students on successful completion of the course.