GeoHub hosts GIS expert Elizaveta Khazieva for workshops on Earth observations

February 25, 2023

Last week, OSUN GeoHub project was glad to host Elizaveta Khazieva, GIS expert and PhD researcher from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During her stay, she took the time to support students of the "Earth Observations in Monitoring SDGs" and "Introduction to Geospatial Analysis" courses. Over this visit, organized activities, supported by Professor Viktor Lagutov, helped build students' capacities and develop ideas for individual projects, particularly through exploring the availability and applications of remotely sensed data from satellites.

On Thursday, continuing the series of GeoHub's short practical workshops, Elizaveta conducted a training on exploring different band combinations for satellite imagery and how valuable information can be extracted from such remotely sensed data. Students, joining both in person at CEU Campus and online, were working with the Sentinel Hub EO Browser, which allows browsing and comparing full-resolution images from all the data collections of the Sentinel Hub. 

As part of the OSUN Online Course "Earth Observations in Monitoring SDGs", on Friday Elizaveta conducted the first intensive practical session on the application of Google Earth Engine (GEE). GEE is a cloud-based platform, which provides access to multiple repositories of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets allowing quick and accurate analysis and visualization of large datasets available in the cloud. The course gives the students an insight as to how the progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals can be monitored and supported by Earth Observations. Elizaveta’s expertise in GIS applications of land cover change and agricultural monitoring is an important resource for the students as they start to learn how to use GEE, analyze and edit the code, to ultimately develop a unique project of their own. 

On Saturday, Elizaveta remained available for more in-depth consultations with any student of the OSUN Online Course to discuss the ideas or any challenges in developing their individual course projects.