GeoHub Workshop on Digital Mapping at AUCA

April 26, 2023

The OSUN’s GeoHub project continues organizing onsite and online geospatial workshops at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA).

The project was launched by the Systems Laboratory of Central European University (CEU) and AUCA’s Tian-Shan Policy Center and featured a series of high-profile events over the last months (for more information, check The vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff interested in geospatial technologies has already been formed at AUCA and actively promotes use of geospatial technologies through various activities.

Since April 1st, the GeoHub training activities have been enriched by regular Saturday community seminars on digital mapping. The first seminars of the series were led by an AUCA community member - Nigmatov Otabek, a recent AUCA graduate and current Project Specialist at the AUCA’s Tian-Shan Policy Center. The seminars were focused on digital mapping and enjoyed significant turnout from AUCA as well as other universities in Bishkek.

The GeoHub Project embraces the formation of the AUCA’s geospatial community and encourages more colleagues to join us in learning about modern digital skills and methods.

We invite all interested community members to join the announced seminars and share their ideas about the topics to be covered.  

We plan more activities to be held in both online and in-person formats and encourage all to stay informed about the GeoHub news by signing up for our updates at