GeoHUB training: Google Earth Engine for earth observations

February 23, 2022

The hybrid workshop, organized by the OSUN's GeoHUB project entitled “Google Earth Engine for earth observations” took place on February 12, 2022, in Central European University, Budapest campus, Hungary.

The program was focused on learning the basics for using the Google Earth Engine application for earth observation. The technical learnings of this course enabled the participants to understand and apply these methods for visualization, in making specific geographical contexts legible through geospatial analysis.

The training was led by Elizaveta Khazieva, an expert on GIS and remote sensing applications with over 9 years of experience in a variety of sectors such as the oil and gas industry, government, and private organizations.

The event comprised more than 25 in-person and virtual participants, including master students, PhD students and professionals of CEU, AUCA, and OSUN partner institutions with varying levels of experience in GIS and Remote Sensing.