Application to the 2022 ISEPEI Summer Workshop is open!

We are glad to announce that the application for the next ISEPEI summer workshop is now open!

GeoHUB workshop on using geospatial technologies in various environmental domains

Syslab team of Central European University organized subsequent OSUN's GeoHUB workshop on using geospatial technologies in various environmental domains. The workshop took place on February 25th in CEU Vienna’s campus. The hybrid workshop gathered more than 20 participants from CEU, AUCA and OSUN partners. 

GeoHUB training: Google Earth Engine for earth observations

The hybrid workshop, organized by the OSUN's GeoHUB project entitled “Google Earth Engine for earth observations” took place on February 12, 2022, in Central European University, Budapest campus, Hungary.

The program was focused on learning the basics for using the Google Earth Engine application for earth observation. The technical learnings of this course enabled the participants to understand and apply these methods for visualization, in making specific geographical contexts legible through geospatial analysis.

Our graduate joined the IUCN Cat Specialist Group

February 13, 2022

CEU alumna Natalia Pervushina (PhD ENVS ’19) has recently joined the IUCN Cat Specialist Group for the 2021-25 quadrennium. During her doctoral studies at CEU, Natalia researched global wildlife crime, specifically focusing on tigers in the Amur-Heilong region. Natalia has worked as Head of Office for the IUCN ever since graduating from our Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy in 2019. We would like to congratulate Natalia on yet another successful step in her career.

GeoHUB's scholarship in geospatial technologies

January 21, 2022

We are delighted to announce that our GeoHUB Project offers a special scholarship to study application of geospatial methods at CEU.