US Embassy round-table on wildlife trafficking

November 21, 2017

Head of CEU Systems Laboratory Dr. Victor Lagutov and Phd Candidate Natalia Pervushina contributed to the roundtable discussion on Wildlife Trafficking organized by the US Embassy in Hungary, Regional Environmental, Science & Technology, and Health (ESTH) Hub office on 21st November 2017. This was the first multi-disciplinary meeting attended by the law-enforcement agencies of Hungary (Police and Customs authorities), non-governmental organizations (such as TRAFFIC, global wildlife trade monitoring network), academia (represented by CEU) and representatives of CITES Management Authority in Hungary. The participants discussed the general trends in the regional wildlife trafficking situation and efforts taken by the law enforcement authorities and other organizations to address the problem, as well as needs and opportunities for multi-disciplinary assessment. The group agreed that there is a lack of resources and need for stronger institutional collaboration to address the issue in Hungary and generally in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. little information is available on the scale of wildlife trafficking in the Balkans and for some non-CITES listed species). CEU proposed options for future collaboration with the US Embassy in Hungary and other partners, ideas for analysis of wildlife trafficking and use of geospatial technologies for addressing the problem on the regional and global levels.