Contributing to Environmental Education in Myanmar

December 17, 2017

EnviSci and Policy PhD candidate Natalia Pervushina will be teaching at the University of Yangon in Myanmar as CEU Global Teaching Fellow from December 2017 until March 2018. Natalia’s presence at YU is instrumental to the launching of the new undergraduate program in Environmental Sciences and to the improving of the diploma program which trains Myanmar government employees and local NGOs workers. Over the past five years, CEU has been involved in helping Myanmar reform its higher education sector through various initiatives such as faculty training in research and curriculum development across the social sciences and help provided to the Universities of Yangon and Mandalay to develop undergraduate specializations in Political Science, Law, and now Environmental Sciences.

Natalia has over 7 years working experience in international environmental NGOs such as WWF and TRAFFIC (wildlife trade monitoring network, a joint alliance of WWF and IUCN) in Russia and Asia, as well as experience in the Russian Far East Federal Customs. While working in WWF and TRAFFIC, Natalia coordinated programs focused on combating illegal trade in Tigers and their parts across Asia. The topic of her PhD dissertation is "Illegal Tiger trade as an obstacle to Tiger conservation: addressing the issue on the case of Amur-Heilong region" supervised by Dr. Viktor Lagutov. She is currently involved as Research Assistant in CEU Environmental Systems Laboratory under Dr. Lagutov’s supervision.

Natalia is the second CEU Global Teaching Fellow of the Environmental Sciences Department. The first one is Mukesh Gupta, who received his PhD in 2016/17 and is now teaching at the Asian University for Women (Chittagong, Bangladesh).

Central European University works with partner universities around the world to provide teaching experience to its doctoral candidates. Through the CEU Global Teaching Fellowship Program, advanced CEU doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates have the opportunity to teach at partner universities for one semester or one academic year. Global Teaching Fellowships combine teaching with research, thus enabling the fellows to contribute to the academic life of the host departments and have a fulfilling scholarly experience.