Ed Parsons (Google) gave a talk on Geospatial Technologies in Crisis Management

February 19, 2018

Ed Parsons, Google Geospatial Technologist, visited Budapest last week to give a public lecture at CEU, talking about the advancements of modern geospatial technologies and their integration into our everyday life, particularly focusing on disaster and crisis management. Longtime partner of the Syslab, Mr. Parsons discussed the ways in which technologies could be applied in times of crisis, expansion of volunteers’ networks supporting the provision of geospatial information (MapAction, Ushahidi, Missing Maps project), how our interactions with technologies had changed over time and what we might expect in the future, mentioning Google’s work on Crisis Response - Public Alerts and SOS Alerts.

More information about the conducted talk on Crisis Management in the age of Ambient Locationcan be found here. The recording can be accessed through the folowing link.

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